Workshops at Q-Summit 2018


Vertikale und horizontale Integration der Bauprozesse - die Symphonie des Baustellenorchesters


Time: 09:30 – 11:00

This workshop will be held in german. 

Wie muss sich ein Bauzulieferunternehmen zukünftig positionieren, um auch weiterhin die erste Geige zu spielen?

A turnover of €1.47 million in 2017, makes PERI the world’s largest manufacturer of formwork and scaffolding systems. Globally, PERI delivers its products and services to clients through 8800 employees, over 68 subsidiaries and more than 155 adept storage facilities. Remarkable innovative drive, proficient engineering capabilities and exceptional material quality, ensure economical, efficient and reliable solutions for a diverse range of construction projects.


Energy provider 4.0 – How startups drive the digital change in the energy sector


Time: 09:30 – 11:00

Energy business and the information technology are converging, especially with regard to innovative solutions for future cities. The cooperation between startups and established utility businesses offer an important opportunity by combining the competences and flexibility of young entrepreneurs with the stability and experience in energy issues of energy.


Must-have-Tipps für Deine Firmengründung Workshop

Time: 09:30 – 11:00

This workshop will be held in german. 

Firmen-Setup – GmbH/UG, wichtige Schritte + Essenz aus 5.000 Gründungen


Investment Case: Superfood Hero


Time: 11:20 – 12:50

Fernsehen, Venture Capital und E-Commerce: Du wolltest schon immer besser verstehen, wie diese drei Themen zusammenhängen? Dich interessiert wie TV-Werbung nachhaltig den Unternehmenswert innovativer Geschäftsmodelle steigert und die Markenbekanntheit wachstumsstarker Start-Ups fördert? Und du begeisterst dich für innovative Venture Capital Investment-Modelle? Dann laden wir dich herzlich zu unserem Workshop am Freitagvormittag ein!

Was dich erwartet: Neben einer Vorstellung von SevenVentures als führender TV-Media Investor weltweit, erhältst du Einblicke in die Welt des E-Commerce. Hier lernst du, welche Wirkung TV-Werbung auf E-Commerce Geschäftsmodelle und wesentliche Marketing- und Finance-Kennzahlen hat.
Im zweiten Teil des Workshops hast du selbst die Möglichkeit, gemeinsam mit anderen Studierenden, an einem Investment Case im Food-Sektor zu arbeiten und deine Investment Entscheidung basierend auf quantitativen Analysen zu präsentieren.


Design Thinking - The method for all companies to drive innovation successfully

Tatjana Walter (Mindshift.One) and Christian Butz (QuadriO)

Time: 11:30 – 13:00

Design Thinking is an essential success factor that is used by companies such as Airbnb, Apple, or Google to sustainably develop successful ideas. The Design Thinking process puts humans and their needs in focus and solves complex problems with an iterative approach.

By participating in this workshop you will not only learn about the six stages of the Design Thinking process but also apply your new knowledge by working on different practical cases by using various Design Thinking tools.

This workshop will be moderated by Tatjana Walter (Mindshift.One) and Christian Butz (QuadriO) who both have years of corporate experience. After having worked with SAP for more than 20 years, Tatjana founded her consulting firm Mindshift.One. She has experience in dealing with corporate challenges but also knows the problems that a start-up faces. Christian also has years of corporate experience from working at SAP before he decided to join the mid-sized consulting firm QuadriO to help establish their innovation management department.


Blockchain Introduction & Use Case Ideation

Camelot ITLab

Time: 13:00 – 14:30


Watch Out Founders! - Process, Terms and Obstacles of a VC-Financing Round

Rouven Siegemund – Osbourne Clarke

Time: 14:30 – 16:00

The workshop will focus on the necessary contracts to be drawn up in a financing round and highlight the most important points from a founders point of view. Key discussion topics of this workshop will be concerned with potential pitfalls for founders and how best to recognise and circumvent them.

Speaker Page Rouven Siegemund

Ideation - Develop your own ideas towards a social problem and solve it!

Michael Wunsch – Social Impact Lab

Time: 14:30 – 16:00

Challenge yourself in this workshop! Develop your own idea to solve a social problem and build the first prototype. In this workshop, you’ll get a hands-on insight into the idea development of a social impact startup.

Together for more innovation, integration and impact: In the heart of Frankfurt the Social Impact Lab Frankfurt brings young people with migrant background and social entrepreneurs together to work together on business ideas and their career development.


The Perfect Pitch


Time: 15:00 – 16:30
Type: only open to founders

One of the most important skills of a founder is to briefly present the own idea comprehensively. Only an idea which can be understood and is aiming at the right target group can be successful!

An outstanding pitch is not only relevant when it comes to looking for investors, so it should be trained perfectly. In our workshop we want to give you the opportunity to participate in one of those training sessions. You will have the opportunity to present your startup in 3 minutes. Afterwards, the pitch experts from PwC will give you feedback. Not only your own pitch but the pitches from other startups as well as their feedback can give you important learning effects which you can put into practice. Practice makes perfect – we’re looking forward to this practical workshop with you!

To submit your application please prepare a 400 character text about your startup. Please also add the name of your startup and your website (if available). The pitches can be prepared in either English or German.


Was Produkt Design mit Social Entrepreneurship zu tun hat

Thorben Bechtoldt – Cardle to Cardle

Time: 16:30 – 18:00

This workshop will be held in German.

Cradle to cradle steht für einen neuen Denkansatz im Umgang mit Ressourcen und Nachhaltigkeit. Es geht um eine Gesellschaft, in der das Konzept Abfall nicht mehr existiert, sondern alles Nährstoff für neue Produkte oder für die Natur sein kann. Wie das funktioniert, wer das schon macht und warum C2C im Social Entrepreneurship immer mitgedacht werden sollte – das wird in diesem Workshop thematisiert.


How to build a sustainable brand

Obaid Rahimi – Headmates/Shoemates

Time: 16:30 – 18:00

Creating a brand is always a challenging and existing undertaking. Creating a brand with value has its very own challenges. The goal of this workshop is to learn what is important for building a brand with social and sustainable products.

Applied consensus democracy in businesses and dealing with difficult decisions

Uwe Lübbermann – Premium Cola

Time: 16:50 – 18:20

The key to the work of Premium Cola is the so called consensus democracy. Learn more about how this way of non-hierachical and collective decision making and why these statements are true:

1. Consens-making is never easy, but always possible.
2. Consens-decisions are smarter, more social and stressfree.


The Magic of Podcasting - What‘s behind it and why does it matter NOW?

Maximilian Elster – Feed Your Brain Podcast

Time: 10:00 – 11:30

Podcasts have been increasingly popular in the last couple of years. No wonder. It has become a medium in which connections are built and brands positioned.

No other medium gives people or companies the chance of users listening to content for 30 to 45 minutes.

But what exactly can Podcasting do for personal and corporate brands? How do they need to approach the chances of Podcasting? Those questions and more will be answered together with Max Elster – „Feed Your Brain“ Podcast Host and Podcasting Expert.


Inside the VC

Isabelle Canu, Head of Operations – Coparion

Time: 11:30 – 13:00

Financing innovation and technology-based companies is a fascinating job. How does a VC job really look like?

If you want to know more about VCs and how VC work, you are very welcome to join the workshop.

You will first get some general info on venture capital as well as the tips required for startups looking for VC money. In the second part of the workshop, you will work on a short investment case. In the end, you will present the results of your analysis and your investment decision.


The Q Chem Workshop

Sonja Jost & Prof. Dr. Diana Robers

Time: 12:00 – 16:30

In cooperation with the Chemistry Platform of the German Startups Association (Bundesverband Deutsche Startups e.V.), the Q Summit will host a half day interactive Q Chem Workshop for students, young scientists, and entrepreneurs. Together we will generate new business models for the third biggest industry in Germany. The interactive methods of the Q Chem Workshop are inspired by the idea generation methodology from the Oxford University.

Sonja Jost (board member of the German Startup Association & CEO DexLeChem GmbH) and Prof. Diane Robers (Professor for Service Innovation& Intrapreneurship & Head of Entrepreneurship Institute at EBS Business School) will guide through the workshop with inspirational lectures as well as hands-on support by the creation of new business models. Further, industry experts of BASF and WeylChem will be available on site during the Q Chem Workshop’s activities.

More Information & Application

Artificial Intelligence in Marketing & Events

Ralph Klöss-Schuster – doo

Time: 12:00 – 13:30

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is marked as one of the most disruptive technological advances for the coming years, as it changes the way whole industries function and thinks.

One of these industries is marketing. Where collecting, analyzing and utilizing data for
commercial purposes has been around for decades, AI makes this process faster and more
efficient. Above all, it additionally allows us to draw conclusions, previously hidden in the

Join us for a workshop where we explore the benefits of AI in marketing on the example of
Q-Summit: We will learn how to collect and utilize data in the offline realm and use it in a
digital age.


Learnings from Sport Psychology

Dr. Jan Meyer – 1899 Hoffenheim

Time: 13:20 – 14:50

This workshop will be held in German.

Mental strength is not just important for top athletes, but also for you and me. Normal people are stressed every now and then, either in their private life or at work. The sports psychologist Dr. Jan Meyer is an expert when it comes to the topic stress and will show strategies used by elite athletes to cope with stress and will apply them to everyday life.


Growth Hacking - How to create an engaging marketing campaign in less than 60 minutes

Sebastian Wenzel – getsafe 

Time: 15:30 – 17:00

In this session, you’ll learn how to quickly set up a digital marketing campaign and gain on-hand experience in a business case.


How To Build The Perfect Product: Ideation, Design & Prototyping

Philipp von Hammerstein – Le Wagon

Time: 15:30 – 17:00

What is the secret to building a great product? Airbnb, Twilio, Intercom, Evernote are modern examples of companies that have gained market share by creating awesome, defensible products. But building great products and businesses doesn’t just happen overnight.So how do you start with yours?

In this workshop you will learn how to:

  • Define your product and hone your product pitch • Build a usable mockup of your product
  • Create a database schema that can be used by developers
  • Define the key user stories and build a full user journey

If you would like to participate in the workshop, we advise you to:

1) Bring your own laptop – FULLY CHARGED 

2) Get a Figma ( / Sketch ( account for free if you’d like to show us your product




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