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Unlock the Future

April 03. to 04. 2024 in Mannheim, Germany

About our Hackathon

In 2024, we will celebrate the return of our popular Q-Hackathon.

Compete against other teams for fabulous prizes by developing unique solutions for different real-world challenges and problems.


If you plan to participate in this year’s hackathon and summit, please do not buy a ticket yet. Participants of the hackathon also receive tickets for the summit.


Our Hackathon Partners 2024


Artificial intelligence for evidence-based decision making in the public space

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Sustainability Companion App

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Artificial intelligence for evidence-based decision making in the public space

Developing algorithms and models to analyze data from multiple sources to support informed decision-making in policy areas such as healthcare, education and environmental protection.

Sustainability Companion App

Harness the power of serverless technologies, Kubernetes, and cloud services like Azure or AWS to build scalable, efficient, and impactful applications that contribute to the sustainability of urban environments and allows people to track their individual impact.

Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

A hackathon is a time-limited event where individuals or teams collaborate intensively to solve problems or create innovative projects, often in the realm of technology. These events encourage creativity, teamwork, and quick problem-solving, and typically involve coding, designing, and presenting solutions within a set timeframe, which can range from a few hours to several days.

Q-Hack will take place from 03.04.- 04.04.2024.

Yes it is, you will even get a free ticket for the Q-Summit conference which is worth 69€.

Every Hacker will get a free ticket for the Summit from Thursday evening until the end of the conference including our legendary afterparty.

Yes, the Hackathon takes place in Mannheim Baroque Palace. If you do not live in Mannheim, just let us know and well try to organise accommodation for you.

All four challenges are revealed on a regular basis.

You will have the opportunity to set preferences for your favored challenge.

While we will make every effort to assign you to your preferred challenge, we cannot guarantee that you will be assigned to your first choice, depending on the number of applicants.


You’ll receive updates on your application status every so often, typically one to two weeks after submitting it. Just a heads-up, once accepted, you’ll be asked to confirm your attendance closer to the event as we send out notifications for that.

Yes, you can either join an existing team or create one yourself later in the process. We will assist you in forming a team with other hackers.

Not necessarily; however, spots for participants without prior coding experience can be limited.

Applications will close in March, however we recommend to apply as early as possible in order to secure a spot.

During the Hackathon

On average a team consists of 5 people. If your current team has fewer than 5 members, you may receive additional team members.

Each challenge has its own prizes for their challenge.

Additonally there will be an overall prize pool for the best teams, which will get the chance to present their result infront of the Q-Summit Mainstage.

You can indicate within the application form that you will need accommodation during the Hackathon and we will organise a place to stay for you.

Yes, please contact:

We will be more then happy to help you.