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MAFINEX Technology Center
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Partners 2021

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About the Q-Hackathon

At our last Q-Hackathon you had the chance to immerse yourself in the data universe and develop unique solutions by working together with a motivated team on one of our 4 challenges.


In each challenge, 4 teams will compete against each other to create the best product based on the challenge. The winning team of each challenge receives a non-cash prize worth €100 and gets to compete for the overall prize money of €2000!


Apply for our next Hackathon if you want to put your skills into practice and enjoy solving a challenge!

Our Hackathon Partners 2021

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responsible.computing ( ):
Patterns for a bias free AI

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Secure your Cloud fortress!

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Individualized Medicine

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Proof of concept for virtual try on (#PoC4VTON)

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What’s in it for you?

Meet our Partners

Meet and learn from our partners in person at the Q-Hackathon and possibly find your future employer!

Gain Practical Experience

Improve and deepen your technical skills while working together with other inspiring people in Mannheim’s innovative technology center Mafinex. 

Food & Drinks

Food & Drinks will of course be provided during the two days! You will also get your individual conference bag so that you are well-equipped for the entire event. 

Free Q-Summit Ticket

Q-Summit is Germany’s most important conference for entrepreneurship and
innovation solely organized by students.

responsible.computing( ): Patterns for a bias free AI

Data science and AI can swiftly turn data into insights, and those insights can lead to decisions. And sometimes, the results are unconsciously spoiled by bias and drift, which can cause mistrust. This problem undoubtedly hampers AI adoption and can negatively impact people’s lives and a company’s reputation. That underscores the importance of following and applying the responsible.computing ( ) approach when using modern technologies AI and its likes to address problems of our world.

Pick a problem of your choice and solve it in a way that addresses the issues related to bias. Ensure that your solution is bias-free.

Proof of concept for virtual try on (#PoC4VTON)

You are online shopping for a new outfit and want to see how your favorite items would fit on you?

Create a proof of concept for our virtual try on solution and design an app or web shop plug-in.

You will use photos of products and imaginary users as well as our unique size id to create the best possible application which fashion shoppers will love to use.

Design skills or knowledge of JavaScript is useful to solve the challenge.

Secure your Cloud fortress!

The two dimensions cloud computing and security are gaining more and more relevance for multiple areas of life, economy and society. Therefore, the know-how to build up and secure a cloud infrastructure is a necessity for an efficient and secure, digital business with sustainable success. Without this know-how, the infrastructure is vulnerable for various attackers or produces high costs, hence hindering a successful business.
This general challenge is transferred in a concrete scenario with a startup that wants to host and operate its own web shop including essential functions. In this scenario, participants will need to create a cloud infrastructure in the provided cloud environment (presumably AWS) and build it up to a fortress for their web shop and the related components and data. The high-level setup of the cloud infrastructures in this scenario includes web shop, database, data analytics tool, payment service/tool as well as the connection and the security of these components.

Knowledge required for the challenge:

  1. Basic knowledge of cloud and cloud security
  2. Basic knowledge of (cloud/ IT) infrastructure (Application, Database, etc.)
  3. Basic knowledge of security best practices (segregation of duties, least privileges, etc.)

Individualized Medicine

Individualized medicine is a new branch of medicine which uses new insights into molecular processes and the human genetic code but also individual factors like gender, age, or lifestyle for tailored prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases.
Providing such individualized drugs and therapies to each patient imposes many new challenges for the entire ecosystem of doctors, nurses, healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, and ultimately also the patients themselves.

Several challenges that need to be addressed:

  • Privacy of a patient
  • Cooperation and exchange between involved parties
  • Individualized treatment plans or the documentation of those
  • Supply and production of medicine
  • Product safety


Develop a scenario that addresses at least one of the mentioned challenges in the field of individual medicine in a creative and innovative fashion.
A scenario may be an app or service for patients or healthcare professionals, a dashboard, or an algorithm that demonstrates how individual patient data can be analyzed, shared, or processed.


Creativity and quickly turning the idea into something tangible matters more than the technology stack or the programming language that you use.


As a starting point, each team will be provided with generated patient and medical data and access to a set of cloud-based API’s for this data set that may or may not be included in your solution to build an application scenario. Basic knowledge about the ODATA protocol and RESTful API consumption and authentication in your preferred programming language (Java, JavaScript, Go, …) is recommended in this case.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can download the current agenda with further information regarding workshops, times for coding, food, drinks etc. here !
Everyone will participate in a short workshop about agile development and project management as well as presentation skills throughout the Hackathon – skills you will need to succeed during the Hackathon!

The applications are closed at the moment, we will inform you when they will be open again.

If you already have a team you can indicate this within the application form. It is important that all team members apply and fill out the same team name in the application form.

You will be able to set preferences within the application form.

We will try our best to assign you to your preferred challenge, however, we cannot guarantee that you will be assigned to your first choice dependent on the amount of applicants.

Yes, the Hackathon takes place in Mannheim at the innovation center Mafinex. If you don’t live in Mannheim, just let us know and we will try to organise accommodation for you.

You will need to bring your own laptop to the Hackathon.
We will also let you know if you need to install any specific programs or set up specific accounts prior to the Hackathon depending on the challenge that you will be working on.

You don’t need to bring any food or drinks – we’ve got you covered and will make sure to keep you energised and refreshed during the entire event!

Next to the challenge that you will be working on with your team, you can expect to meet and learn from our partners in person. We will start with a short workshop session so that you are perfectly prepared for the upcoming challenge and there will be several time slots to ask questions and get support from the partners.

Most importantly, we will provide food, drinks, snacks etc. during the entire event so that you can solely focus on your challenge and enjoy the event with your team!
We will also make sure that you don’t miss out on entertainment and fun during the event!

There are no specifications or restrictions unless stated otherwise in the challenge.

Check out the boxes with each of our partner’s labels above and have a look at the challenge description on the back.

Don’t worry if you are not an expert yet – we will mix the teams so that different skills level and experts will work together!

We will also provide you with further details and things to prepare for prior to the Hackathon 🙂

You can indicate within the application form that you will need accommodation during the Hackathon and we will organise a place to stay for you 🙂

Yes, there are parking lots right at our location MAFINEX Technologiezentrum.


Applications for this year's Hackathon are now closed!