WORKSHOPS-Thursday – Q-Summit

Workshops Thursday

The business model of Social Bee: How to stay profitable  as a social startup

Social Bee

Thursday 9:00 – 10:00

Zarah Bruhn

Zarah Bruhn studied business administration at the university of Mannheim. During her semester abroad in Stockholm she took part in a refugees-welcome event. Realizing that it’s nice to welcome refugees but not really helpful or sustainable for them in terms of integration, she returned to Germany with an innovative business plan in her mind. Together with her partner Maximilian Felsner Zarah founded the social start-up „Social-Bee gGmbH“ in Munich.

Business Case Study PropTech

Picus Capital

Thursday 9:00 – 10:30

This workshop is a case study debrief and discussion which deals with investment approaches and methodologies. It is an assessment of a target company in the proptech sector along with Picus`s investment criteria

Growing E-commerce Players with VC Investments in TV


Thursday 9:00 – 10:30

TV, Venture Capital and E-Commerce:

You always wanted to know how these three topics are linked? You are keen to know how TV advertisement increases the company value of our innovative business ideas in a sustainable way or how advertisement boosts the brand awareness of our Start-Ups? You are thrilled about innovative Venture Capital Investment models? Well, then we would like to invite you to our workshop.

What can you expect?

Next to an introduction to our enterprise, which can label itself as the leading TV-Media investor worldwide, you will also gain insights in the world of E-Commerce. You will learn how TV advertisements affect E-commerce business ideas and other relevant marketing and finance KPIs. In the second section of our workshop, you will have the chance to make an investment decision, to evaluate an Excel case and to present the relevant growth levers.

Process, Terms and Obstacles of a VC-Financing Round

Osborne Clarke

Thursday 11:00 – 12:30

Siegemund Rouven

The vast majority of start-ups striving for a fast growth will sooner or later require more money than the founders are able to provide by themselves. This is where venture capital comes into play. VC-investors seek to secure their investments by numerous contractual terms. Many of them will influence the founders’ position within “their” company irrevocably.

The workshop „Process, Terms and Obstacles of a VC-Financing Round” gives an overview on the structure of a typical VC-financing round. Expert Rouven Siegemund will explain the mechanisms and interplay of typical contract provisions and will outline mistakes a founder team should never commit, if they want to remain in the driver‘s seat of their own company!

Decoding a Pitch Deck: thinking like a realistic optimist


Thursday 11:00 – 12:30

 Information coming soon 

Building a successful career at a startup – lessons learned from a high-growth startup.


Thursday 13:00 – 14:00

Stephan Dreier

Joining an already established consultancy company or going into banking have been amongst the most obvious approaches to kick-off your career over previous decades. However, things are changing, there is an even better way to jump start your experience & your career: joining Startup world!

Not another case workshop – Work on real-world startup challenges


Thursday 13:00 – 14:30

One of the key capabilities of a founder is to explain the own idea shortly and intelligibly. Only an idea that is understood and that excites the target group will eventually be successful! A perfect pitch should be trained over and over again, since it is not only decisive when meeting with investors. Our workshop gives you the opportunity to take part in an intense training session: You will present your start-up in a 3-minute pitch to the group. Directly afterward follows the feedback of the PwC Consulting pitch experts. After all, you will be able to draw huge learning effects not only from your own pitch but also from those of the other start-ups and their respective feedback that you can apply directly to yourself. Practice makes perfect. We are looking forward to a practically oriented workshop with you!

Workshop for Startups and Student Founders only

The must of a new self-conception in the digital age!

Peri GmbH

Thursday 14:30 – 16:00

Dr. Daniel Stadel

The traditional manufacturing industry is currently struggling with recent technological and digital developments as the value chains of their customers become more and more integrated – especially beyond single company limits. Data is the new currency that need to be taken into consideration when further developing existing or even establish new business models. Lacking creativity and risk taking culture hinders traditional players to overcome the outmoded business development paradigm including standard business cases and conservative investment scenarios. What should be the preferred counter measures, change management activities, and new business development paradigms to take it to the next level? Discuss with us risks and chances, how to manage those, and how to be prepared for the technology of tomorrow!

Not another case workshop – Work on real-world problems of Fidor Bank

McKinsey & Company

Thursday 15:00 – 17:30

Felix Schollmeier

Not another case workshop. Work on real-world challenge of a real startup together with the CEO & Founder and a group of McKinsey consultants.

Join this workshop with a startup’s CEO & Founder and a group of McKinsey consultants. For ~2.5h you are going to slip into the role of a consultant working with the management in an interactive problem solving session. Contribute your ideas to solving real questions the startup faces.

Growth Hacking Workshop

Brümmer Digital Ventures

Thursday 16:30 – 17:30

Oli Bruemmer

You are convinced to have come up with a great product. Now you want the whole world to know…if only you weren’t plagued by lack of time, sales, employees and knowledge – the typical start-up struggles. What if there was a technique to boost your sales exponentially without eating up too much time and means? In our Growth Hacking workshop you will learn how to optimally sustain and build up your sales funnel.

What would Hemingway say to a future leader?


Thursday 17:00 – 18:00

Suddenly all business leader became storytellers. Perhaps because it sounds cooler, maybe because we all secretly want to be writers. But the truth is that often when marketers say they will write a narrative, they start by writing a diagram or a graph. In this workshop, to prevent Hemingway from turning in his grave, we will discuss some key principles of storytelling that every writer knows, but most marketers forget. Based on Hemingway’s advice in his book On Writing, Gastón Tourn will discuss how one of the best storytellers of all time can help tell better stories for brands.