WORKSHOPS-Friday – Q-Summit

Workshops Friday

Zero Waste

Koro Drogerie

Friday  10:00-11:00

Mark Jurrat

The advertised workshop will investigate the environmental impact of packaging materials. In order to achieve this an analysis of the origin of the raw materials and their further processing will be presented. A comprehensive approach into the validation of packaging materials will be given to aid a life time assessment (cradle to gate vs cradle to grave) of different polymeric materials. Based on the findings of this investigation, a case study into the selection of packaging materials for different goods will be given and alternative packaging solutions will be discussed.

Fast growth through the right Marketing Strategy at the right time


Friday  10:00-11:00

 Information coming soon 

How cities are adapting the next wave of mobility – A case study of e-scooters in Europe.

Axel Springer

Friday  10:00-11:30

Since summer last year, Europe is seeing the rise of a new mobility wave: shared e-scooters. Companies like Voi, Tier, Flash and Dott are raising millions from venture capital investors to launch their services across Europe. The dynamics of these business models are still not determined and it remains to be seen who will win the race in Europe. We would like to offer interested students the opportunity to dive deeper into the business model of a European scooter company and to evaluate the opportunities of such a business model in Europe.

Founding a startup in the sustainability sector – How to make it sustainable for the future

Pacific Straws x Infinity

Friday  11:30-12:30

Robert Dehghan, Founder of Pacificstraws, and Armin Mesgaran, Member of the Advisory Board at Infinity Mannheim, discuss how startups in the sustainability sector can develop relevant strategies to sustain competitive by matching practical insights from Pacificstraws with current trends and developments in sustainability.

Bringing entrepreneurs and the chemical industry closer together


Friday  12:00-16:00

The substantial focus of Q Chem 2019 lays on the issue of digitalization of the chemical industry and the identification of its new and disruptive business potential. Together with industry experts who will provide all participants hands-on support during the whole workshop we aim for the creation of new business models.

Fundraising 101 – Where to get my first investment and term sheet exercise

Cherry Ventures

Friday  13:30-15:00


Lufthansa Innovation Hub

Friday  14:00-15:30

In an interactive session the Lufthansa Innovation Hub will share its approach to business model innovation. Based on our transmodal loyalty program – Rydes – you will jointly discuss and ideate new visions how to monetarize the B2B side of the business.

Lego4Scrum – Agile Project Management Foundations


Friday  15:30-18:00

Agile project/product management is a way of working, based on an iterative development, incremental delivery and ongoing reassessment of a product. As mostly used in software development, it is based on a clear idea of the product’s concept and its market. In this workshop you will learn the basics of the agile approach and have a short training on how to use it. You will learn how multiple teams build a city lead by a vision and how user feedback determines iterations. With one thing always in mind: ship the highest possible customer value. Sounds interesting? Apply now and learn more about best in class project management!

From “Vision” to “Version”: Building World-class Products


Friday  16:00-17:00

In order to achieve something great, one must start with a vision of what they want to accomplish, then follow it up with proper executive based on an effective strategy. But what do words like “vision” or “strategy” even mean? In this session we will explore some concepts and tools that are commonly used in tech companies to create world-class products and experiences.