Workshops at Q-Summit 2017

Take a look at last year’s workshops and stay tuned for more information to be announced about Q-Summit 2018!


Mastering Digital Transformation: Customer-centricity & excellence in the digital economy

Simon Braun & Vanessa Gerstner (CAMELOT ITLab)

Time: 10:00 – 11:30
Type: application needed

Digitalization is a key competitive factor for organizations in the future. Digitalization increases the agility of value chains, which makes it an effective means to respond to changes in the market environment. Surprisingly, when addressing the topic of digitalization executives frequently report unknown or inadequate levels concerning their organizations’ digital maturity. From where to start? How to proceed? Where to go? Repeatedly asked questions that further substantiate this unclear position.

In the workshop you will gain exciting insights into Camelot’s consulting approach and learn
  • how organizations can envision their digital future,
  • successfully master their digital transformation and
  • become a game changer through customer-centricity and excellence

Entwicklung neuer Business Models anhand konkreter Projektideen

Alexander Schwörer (PERI)

Time: 10:00 – 11:30
Type: application needed

This workshop will be held in german. 

Die Studenten / Workshop Teilnehmer sollen anhand konkreter Projektideen, eigenständig neue Business Models kreieren.
Dazu werden verschiedene, aktuelle Projektideen kurz erläutert. Anschließend sollen in Gruppenarbeit, mit Hilfe einer „Business Model Canvas“ – Vorlage, neue Business Models entstehen.
Aufgrund des zeitlichen Rahmens werden die einzelnen Elemente in festgelegten Zeitfenstern abzuarbeiten sein.
Für diesen Workshop sind Neugierde, Kreativität, Unternehmergeist und die Fähigkeit Transferleistungen aus Business Models anderer Branchen zu erbringen, gefragt.

Speaker Page Alexander Schwörer

Design Thinking

Patricia Seemann & Carolin Flesch – SAP

Time: 11:30 – 13:30
Type: application needed

Design Thinking is a process for fostering creativity, empathy, and innovation. It is not only about solving your users’ problems in a creative way, but also about finding the right problems to address. This helps you to build products that your users will love.
In this workshop you will learn about the key components of the Design Thinking process and even more important, you will try it out together with a partner, working on a specific design challenge. Experience the power of Design Thinking yourself.

Speaker Page Carolin FleschSpeaker Page Patricia Seemann


Sustainable Networking: How the consistent cultivation of relationships leads to long-term business success

Sieer Angar (Königsweg, Career Network)

Time: 11:30 – 13:00
Type: open

Creating a sustainable business network is crucial for the success of every start-up. Networking is a way to discover business opportunities, to share knowledge or to connect with potential venture partners. While the importance of networking is obvious for most aspiring entrepreneurs, putting this theoretical concept into practice is the actual challenge. What’s the secret of successful and long-term networking? How can you get to know and keep in touch with relevant personalities worldwide? How can we make a lasting impression when networking?

In this workshop we will introduce you to our Königsweg consulting mindset and provide you with hands-on knowledge in the following fields:

  • How an internal network of heterogeneous and interdisciplinary experts can foster innovation within your company
  • How to build up an external global network that is based upon sustainability and diversity
  • How trust will play a decisive role in start-ups and entrepreneurship.
Speaker Page Sieer Angar

Building a 2.0 Customer Loyalty Program


Time: 13:00 – 14:30
Type: application needed

With close to 20M Customers, Zalando is constantly thinking about improving customer retention and how to turn our customers into loyal fans. We will use this session to discuss the benefits of customer loyalty programmes for E-Commerce business models and compare current offerings to possible solutions Zalando could offer our customers. Students will form groups to research alternative programmes, develop recommendations for Zalando’s Management and present and discuss their findings.

Speaker Page

Visual Communication

Patricia Seemann & Carolin Flesch – SAP

Time: 14:30 – 16:00
Type: application needed

In meetings or group work a lot of communication is going on. Sometimes there are some misunderstandings or the discussion is going around and around for the hundredth time. One easy way to avoid this is to be visual during the communication. So why not enhance visual communication skills? We will cover the basics of visual communication, including basic shapes, improving writing, sketching simple objects and processes or flow charts. In the last step tips and tricks for sketching people, emotions and gestures will be covered.

Speaker Page Patricia SeemannSpeaker Page Carolin Flesch


The Hype of Content Marketing - Does it really work?

Maik Metzen – CEO Performics

Time: 14:30 – 16:00
Type: open

For years, content marketing has also been coming to the fore online – many companies are focusing increasingly on Owned Media, and thus on their own content, in order to widen their reach. However, content marketing campaigns are often unsuccessful and not worthwhile. At the same time, there are plenty of examples to show that content marketing can work extremely well, and can be used to raise brand awareness in a cost-efficient manner. In this workshop, Maik Metzen will present various campaigns that should be kept in mind.

Speaker Page Maik Metzen

Digital Transformation & Innovation

Nadja von Rhein & Jennifer Kint – PWC

Time: 16:30 – 18:00
Type: application needed

In this workshop we will introduce you to the digital transformation of business models. You will learn about the fundamentals of digital transformation: archetypes of new business models, the impact of digital on innovation needs, and how we consult and generate digital innovations together with our clients using methods such as design thinking. To top it off, there will be a q-hour hands-on exercise that will make you understand and experience the methods and techniques used to develop initial ideas for digital business model innovation.

Speaker Page Nadja von RheinSpeaker Page Jennifer Kint


Influencer Instagram Marketing // Best practices on how to optimize influencer marketing values

Sara Herzog – KoRo Drogerie

Time: 17:00 – 17:45
Type: only open for founders

Coming along as the top insider tip amongst marketers, Influencer Marketing changed the market of online advertising rapidly and larger sized companies’ spendings let the prices for advertisers explode, which now limits the potential of long term profitability for this advertising channel.

This workshop focuses

  • on how to built an overall effective and process driven system for Influencer Marketing including selection, partner acquisition, negotiations, and system optimizing and
  • on why Instagram is a great platform within Influencer Marketing itself to scale small to medium-size businesses in a profitable way.

KoRo Drogerie GmbH is an eCommerce Start-Up for natural, mainly organic trend foods in large packages, that aims to shorten supply chains in the food trade sector.
With their private labeled product line of over 200 different products, they mainly sell best quality dried fruits, nuts and all kind of grains and flours to end consumers and offices.
In 2016, KoRo Drogerie was awarded for being amongst the top 15 of Germany’s fastest growing start-ups, which is fully attributed to Influencer Marketing as their only marketing channel.

Speaker Page Sara Herzog

The LemonAid Principle - A Social Business Example

Agnes Leder (LemonAid)

Time: 10:30 – 12:00
Type: open

The Lemonaid & ChariTea project was founded in 2009 to be an active participant in the drive of social change. Through the sale of high quality soft drinks and teas, Lemonaid & ChariTea funds social projects in the southern hemisphere, specifically in regions that provide ingredients to their products. With a social business model – a model that assists in the development of self-sufficient projects in regions that urgently require the aid. This is how the “Drinking helps-Principal” came to fruition, which is present in various areas of the value chain and redirects a portion of the earnings back to its origin.
In their workshop, the topic of a value chain and its transparency will be discussed and more closely analysed. How do you create transparency? And how do these ideas relate back to the value chain.

Speaker Page Agnes Leder

How to create a great mobile experience

Roman Kirsch, Laura Kühn & Lena Wessling (Lesara)

Time: 12:00 – 13:30
Type: application needed

Rapid changes in mobile technology require new marketing approaches and marketers have to adapt the new trends that come their way: mobile strategies develop and grow across industries. It is crucial for every brand to build a great mobile experience from the start!

In this workshop you will learn

  • How to set up an agile product development process to ensure that you can follow up on those changes fast enough
  • How to use this trend to foster customer engagement & loyalty 

Lesara is the leading European Online retailer for amazing fashion & lifestyle merchandise at best prices. We believe that fashion trends and lifestyle products don´t have to be expensive. As a pioneer in retailing we want to provide people all over the world access to amazing merchandise, at best prices and great quality. By promising to deliver the latest trends, quickly and at large discounts, our team at Lesara thrives to create a memorable shopping experience for each and everyone of our customers. Lesara was awarded the Tech5 Award fort he fastest growing startup in Europe and employs more than 200 individuals from over 15 countries. Customers from over 28 countries are already shopping with us.

Speaker Page Roman KirschSpeaker Page Laura KühnSpeaker Page Lena Wessling


Bridging the Gap between Lufthansa and the Startup Scene

Solveig Schulze & Christina Walke (Lufthansa Innovation Hub)

Time: 12:00 – 13:30
Type: application needed

The Lufthansa Innovation Hub is the interface between the Lufthansa Group and the global start-up ecosystem. Our main focus is the development of innovative digital products/services that are designed to address specific problems and difficulties that travelers face. The workshop will quickly run you through the process of analyzing specific pain points, evaluating them, then ideation and finally discussing probable creative digital solution concepts that may ease the travelers journey.

Speaker Page Christina WalkeSpeaker Page Solveig Schulze


How to get a MVP in shape for investors within 90 days

Gabriel Radic (Head of Product MVP Factory)

Time: 13:30 – 15:00
Type: open

How to get a MVP in shape for investors within 90 days? – Ideation, Scoping, Team Assembly, Development, Testing, etc.

An MVP is not about staying within the budget or about impressing users with a minimal effort. It is about learning and testing assumptions.

Gabriel Radic is Head of Product at MVP Factory, an integrated product development platform on a mission to build the largest network of elitevdevelopers, designers, and product managers. MVP Factory has developed or collaborated on Nomad,, Number26, Redi, Market Tech and many more…

In this workshop, Gabriel will explain how to plan an MVP, from identifying the key features to development to measuring.

Speaker Page Gabriel Radic

From Supplier to Enabler // New Business Models in the Energy Sector

Robert Thomann, Tobias Reith, Yasmin Lachmann & Ramona Menge (MVV Energie)

Time: 13:30 – 15:00
Type: application needed

The German Energiewende and Digitalization already changed the business of utility companies dramatically.  Although MVV Energie AG already started the transition processes years ago we still are undergoing a significant transformation from asset-driven to a more service-orientated business. On top of that the mega trend urbanization opens up new fields of activity for utility companies.

We invite you to discuss with us the challenges and opportunities of current utility business, the visions for the cites of the future and the transition between today and tomorrow.

Speaker Page Robert Thomann

Beginners Coding Workshop

Philipp von Hammerstein (Le Wagon)

Time: 15:00 – 17:00
Type: open

Learn to code your first website in 2 hours at coding workshop for absolute beginners.

We will explore the world of web development, teaching you to code and design your own landing page using HTML and CSS. A landing page is a website which allows you to target your visitors with a specific message.

Come and hang out with Le Wagon, Berlin’s new coding bootcamp and be part of Europe’s best coding community (we have over 200 students learning to code just now!).

What you’ll learn:

  • Guided carefully through HTML / CSS basics
  • Shown lots of graphical tips and tools
  • Introduced to Bootstrap and its grid system

You will need your laptop for this workshop. Please install Sublime Text in advance.

Speaker Page Philipp von Hammerstein

Watch Out Founder! // Process, Terms and Obstacles of a VC-Financing Round

Rouven Siegemund (Senior Associate Osborne Clarke)

Time: 15:30 – 17:00
Type: open

The workshop will focus on the necessary contracts to be drawn up in a financing round and highlight the most important points from a founders point of view. Key discussion topics of this workshop will be concerned with potential pitfalls for founders and how best to recognise and circumvent them.

Speaker Page Rouven Siegemund

From the Idea to Profitable Social Business // Lean Startup and Social Business Modeling

Kai Hübner – Linguedo

Time: 15:30 – 17:00
Type: open

Ever wondered how to lay the foundations of a profitable social business? How do I find out whether my idea will work? Whether I will really generate revenues? Will I really enhance people’s lives and create impact? Where do I start? What do I begin with?

After this 1.5h workshop you will understand how to

  • validate a business idea by clarifying and analyzing your core assumptions and hypothesis
  • build an impact measurement system around your business idea and find out if you really help people in need
  • design your social business model

in brief – how you prepare everything to start executing on your social business idea!


  1. People interested in non-social business creations are welcome, too
  2. If you have a business idea in mind – even better, we might be able to work on this during our workshop!
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