Roman Kirsch – Q-Summit

Founder Lesara

Roman Kirsch is founder and CEO of the leading european value for money fashion and lifestyle retailer Lesara. As a result of the fusion of e-commerce, fast fashion and operations out of Germany and China the company managed to expand remarkably fast, reaching over 1.5 million customers in 23 countries, only 3 years after its launch. The speed and scope of Lesara’s success mirrors the career and character of Roman Kirsch himself, who is relentless in his strive for accomplishments at an exuberant pace. His drive is displayed throughout the events of his life, where at the age of 15 he created his first small company, then achieving his master degree at the London school of Economics at only 23, followed by founding the online furniture company Cascade (acquired by and finally Lesara in 2013, for which Forbes acknowledged him by ranking Roman Kirsch as one of Europe’s „30 under 30“ in 2016.

Speech: 10 Learnings from Building Two >100m Businesses