Daniel Jung – Q-Summit

Youtuber and Co-Founder of StudyHelp

We are more than happy to welcome Daniel Jung at the University of Mannheim to inspire us with his ideas on how we might learn in the future: Daniel Jung is not just an ordinary Youtuber with 100 million views on Youtube, but also a successful businessman. Without any doubt, he is part of the new movement of Education Bloggers.

Everything started a while ago with short Math tutorials, which have now reached school and university standards. At the same time, he launched his first startup which attempted to revolutionize tuition at home. Today, he builds with the team of his news startup “StudyHelp” the future of combined online/offline learning systems. Daniel also teaches and supports major companies in fields such as learning communication and innovation processes in form of his work for the Daniel Jung Academy. In addition, he tests a special approach to co-working with a focus on SMBs in his hometown. In lectures and speech hold in schools, universities and firms he mainly focuses on the following two topics: The future of learning and the future of work. He normally uses his talks to transform them into Youtube content to enable everyone to become part of his journey. His upcoming major projects are the creation of a creator network and a special program that aims on enabling young children how to code.

Speech: Education in the Exponential World

Panelist of the “Future of Education”-Panel