Christian Wiens – Q-Summit

Co-Founder and CEO Getsafe

Having studied Mechanical Engineering & Business Administration at the TU Darmstadt, Christian Wiens has always carried the entrepreneurial spirit inside of him.Back in his school days he founded his own musical school with his brother. Right out of university, in 2011 he founded, an app for online restaurant reservations which he sold to a publishing company after two years.Afterwards, in 2014 he decided to start Getsafe together with his co-founder Marius Blaesing. Getsafe launched in 2015 as a digital insurance folder that lets you manage all your insurance contracts in one app. Over the last year the company evolved intoa fully-fledged digital insurance company, that is backed by the world’s largest re-insurer, Munich Re.Christian Wiens has lots of qualifications and experience in the fields of entrepreneurship, technology, digitalization and much more he is willing to share with us.

Speech: Bringing a $7 Trillion Industry on the Smartphone