Robert Bach

Robert Bach

Co-Founder Coffee Circle


After studying Business Administration at University of Mannheim he worked as a Senior Consultant at the Roland Berger Strategy Consultants’ Marketing & Sales competence center for four years.

At Coffee Circle, Robert was responsible for HR and everything concerning technology until the company hired its first experienced CTO in 2014. He is now in charge of all (online) marketing and sales topics. Coffee Circle aims to modernize and change the coffee trade, through its personal sourcing of coffees from smallholder growers in Ethiopia, roasting them in Berlin and selling them through its website to mostly private, but also corporate customers. As many inhabitants of the cultivation areas still live below the poverty line, Coffee Circle grants of one euro per sold kilo of coffee back to the coffee farmers, thereby contributing to improved living conditions through developing projects that are implemented together with the farmers.

We are honored to introduce Robert Bach, the co-founder of Coffee Circle, as a speaker and participant of the social panel discussion.

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