Startup Mannheim – Q-Summit

Startup Mannheim

Startup Mannheim is the powerhouse of Mannheim’s urban and dynamic startup ecosystem. We manage eight startup hubs, offering 28.000 square meters of office space that are home to 300 startups ranging from music, creative industries, up to IT, Medtech and verticals. Our mission is to develop Mannheim’s startup eco-system and increase its recognition. We create optimal conditions for startups by connecting them with investors, mentors, talent and customers such as hidden-champions or globally acting corporates within our hubs, co-working spaces or innovation programs. Startup Mannheim also helps international startups to go to the German market and therefore runs an office in Tel Aviv. Startup Mannheim also supports cultural development in the city by coordinating and connecting issues such as startup culture, digitization, art, creative industries and urban society. By doing so we create attractive urban landscapes and neighborhoods that make life really worth living for founders in Mannheim.