Peterstaler Wasser – Q-Summit

Peterstaler Wasser

Peterstaler – die Mineralquelle aus dem Schwarzwald

Peterstaler surprises with its variety, Peterstaler mineral water with its pure and fresh taste. The mineral water out of the depths of the Black Forest has been awarded the top grade “sehr gut” multiple times. For water experts, Peterstaler counts as a mineral water of highest quality because of its well-balanced mineralization and its harmonic taste. The company Peterstaler Mineralquellen with a long-standing tradition was founded in 1926. As a renowned mineral fountain with its wells in Bad Peterstal and Bad Rippoldsau in the Black Forest, the logistics center in Oberkirch-Nußbaum as well as a storehouse in Mannheim, Peterstaler carries a selection of various mineral waters. Wether Peterstaler, the brand “Schwarzwaldperle” or the popular still water “Black Forest”, wether filled in a light PET bottle or in a gourmet glass bottle with a noble design, wether with gas, medium or still: Peterstaler has the fitting mineral water for every taste. Additionally, the wide range of goods encompasses non-alcoholic beverages such as fizzy spritzers, sparkling lemonades as well as sports and fitness beverages. At the same time, the medium-sized company Peterstaler is known for its sponsoring of sports, culture, tourism and clubs. Over 400 sports clubs in the region and over 300 events alone are supported by Peterstaler. Out of tradition, there has always been a deep connection to the region and its people. The love to nature and its waters, the high expectations of best quality and the awareness of sustainability unite management and employees.