KoRo – Q-Summit


As much as 30% of German waste originates from packaging materials alone. These films and pouches, which are mostly made from plastic, only briefly separate the customer from the actual product of desire, but may be granted a extended second life in our oceans or as CO2 in the atmosphere.With the growing interest in a sustainable lifestyle, companies are also beginning to reduce the amount of packaging used and experiment with alternative environmentally friendly packaging materials. The KoRo Handels GmbH has set the goal of contributing to this push towards sustainability. For this purpose, a concept was developed to quantify the CO2 demand of offered products (cradle to grave). Based on these metrics, a targeted strategy was developed and executed, that guarantees a more sustainable handling of global resources. In addition, emissions that could not be avoided were accounted for by Projects for CO2-compensation without committing so called “green washing”.As part of our transparency concept, this information is passed on to the customer via various channels in order to clarify and guarantee accountability to the customer.

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