Foodist – Q-Summit


Foodist, a startup from Hamburg, wants to be the #1 online platform for food-loving people in Europe. In Germany, Foodist is already amongst the leading online food companies with 150,000 active customers and 8-digit annual sales. As a core business, Foodist offers monthly subscription boxes on special food topics such as fine food, vegan, craft beer or cocktails to broaden the flavor horizon of its community. For this, Foodist is scouting the newest trends and best international food producers, which are not to hardly known in Germany. In addition, Foodist has established an innovative food & beverage range as an online shop with over 2,500 SKUs. The data from the subscription model and the online shop utilizes Foodist to find new food brands with high potential for success. Promising brands are sold by Foodist, with exclusive rights, to the largest stationary retailers, such as EDEKA and REWE, and monthly via the leading teleshopping channel QVC.